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The 6 things that make a high converting sales video


Research and development

Once the client questionnarie has been completed, we’ll do any additional research needed to develop your video.

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Our professional copywriter will craft a script based on our proven 5 step formula. A final draft will be sent to you for approval. Any changes you want, we’ll do!


Our graphic designers will develop a storyboard. A storyboard is a simple frame by frame outline of your video. This will be sent to you for final approval.

Voice Over

Your script will be read by a professional voice over artist. If you want to read it yourself or want a certain accent, just let us know!


This is the fun part. Our talented group of animators will create your sales video. A preview file of every 30 seconds will be delivered to you for final approval.

Music and sound

Your video will go to post-production where music and sound effects will be added as final touches.


You will receive your video in any format you want so you can upload it and start making more sales!

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How we do it?

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See what our clients are saying!

  • Great video! Vids that Win is absolutely great at what they do!
  • Great work! Vids that Win perfectly captured my story, loved working with them!
  • Great Service! 10/10 would recommend!
  • The video production company was extremely professional in that it provided me with a very well made video. The voice quality was top class. It respected all the specifications that we talked about and it was delivered on time!
    The most important element I guess was that he understood the specifications very easily and he delivered everything on target without any friction. That's having amazing understanding and people's skills.
    I appreciate everything they've done and I would really recommend them because they will deliver what you ask of them!
  • Vids that Win is a great company providing a valuable service in the marketplace today.  Companies and entrepreneurs who need to communicate about themselves and their products in a clean, simple, yet entertaining way need look no further.  Vids that Win is made up of talented animators, artists, and voice actors who are able to put together your thoughts and ideas into a really neat style of animation with simple and effective graphics and voice over.  We used Vids that Win to make a short little video about our company and what we stand for, and they really did a great job with it.  The work is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone who needs clever animations to communicate a product or an idea.  I hope to see more great things from them in the future.
  • Was struggling to make sales in my business, Vids that Win really helped boost my game and got me the sales I needed to help my company flourish :)
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  • Great work! My product was tanking until I hired Vids that Win. Couldn't recommend them anymore, their work is quality.
  • Vids that Win has done a FANTASTIC job creating an intro video for my dating biz. Perfect creative flair that fits the brand, the feel, the vibe of what I do.
  • Great work! Vids that Win has their A game on, comes highly recommended.
  • I loved working with Vids that Win! I felt they really understood my business and got the job done quick and efficiently!- Crystal Herboth
  • I loved working with Vids that Win! They understood me and my business so well, comes highly recommended!
    Lincoln I.

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