Step 1: Consultation & Strategy
We’re going to get together and discuss your needs. We’ll ask you some important questions and do some research of our own to make sure we really understand your brand, and how we can tell your story in the best way possible. You’ll soon receive our proposal full of exciting plans for your video and a detailed schedule. As soon as you say the word, it’s full steam ahead.
Step 2: Script & Storyboard
The script is the foundation of a great video. And now that we have a deep understanding of what you do, we’re going to turn it into a compelling, engaging script that strikes just the right chords in your audience. Our professional writers will customize everything about our winning formula to fit your brand perfectly. Our animators will then create a visual storyboard based on the script, so that you can get a good idea of what you’re video is going to look like. At this point we require your feedback, because we won’t continue until you’re absolutely happy with it!
Step 3: Voice Over
Let’s give your brand a voice. We’ll send you some sample’s from our pro voice over artists, and you decide on the one that really resonates with you and your message. We’ve can offer accents and voices that represent different parts of the world, and different audiences. Once you’ve decided on your voice we’ll go ahead and give your story the voice it deserves.
Step 4: Animation
Now this is where it gets really exciting. We’re going to bring your brand to life. You’re soon going to see your story being told by state-of-the art motion graphics that really represent you. The storyboard and voice over we perfected earlier will be accompanied by engaging visuals. Our animators know exactly how to create something that sets you apart. Once you’re happy with the look, we’ll move on.
Step 5: Sound & Music
Now for the finishing touches. We’re going to add a few simple and tasteful sound effects, as well as a professional music track that really takes your video to another level. When we have your approval, we’re almost done!
Step 6: Delivery

That’s it, your brand new video is yours to show to the world!

We’ll render your video in HD and give you any tips you need on embedding it on your website or wherever you like, as well as sharing it anywhere you want so that everyone can see how awesome you are!